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At the end of a compression step, after ignition of a working mix, in the chamber of combustion the high pressure is formed. Pistons and piston rings, sleeves of cylinders, valves, saddles of valves, maslosjemny caps, and also laying of a head of the block in operating time of the engine are exposed to high temperature and mechanical influence. Bad start-up of the cold engine, its unstable work, the increased fuel consumption and engine oil, too white or blue color of the fulfilled gases, high temperature of the engine, increase of toxicity of the fulfilled gases or fall all these capacities testifies to existence of malfunction of your engine. You should make each 60 000 km of run for check of a condition of tsilindroporshnevy group of the engine compression measurements in cylinders. This requirement is valid both for petrol, and for diesel engines.
If you established that the maximum value of a compression between two last measurements fell, it yet is not a subject for concern. It is important to define average size of a compression in each cylinder which should not be less maximum permissible size. Reduction of size of a kopressiya can be caused by the following reasons: reasons:
- wear of pistons or piston rings;
- a zakoksovyvaniye of flutes under the piston rings, caused by adjournment of products of burning in pro-points for piston rings;
- ovality of cylinders;
- emergence of the remains of products of burning in the form of a crust on cores or saddles of valves;
- mechanical damage of the valve;
- a valve burn-out because of small thermal gaps of valves.