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It is not allowed to clear pistons an emery paper or a metal brush.
At visual survey pay special attention to a surface of a shirt of the piston, a pro-point for rings, the piston bottom on existence of wear tracks and рисок. Pistons and piston fingers are pair details. The micrometer of the corresponding size is necessary for measurement of external diameter of the piston for you. Measurement of diameter make, turning a micrometer on 90 °. The pistons having ovality are higher than admissible values, it is necessary to replace.

Fig. 162. Measurement gaps in a joint of a piston ring

Gap in a joint of a piston ring measure by means of measuring щупа. For this purpose put separately piston ring on depth about 30 mm in the cylinder and measure a gap with the help щупа (fig. 162) .

Fig. 163. Measurement of a gap of piston rings on height

The gap on height on the established piston rings is measured shchupy (fig. 163) .