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Before measurement pushers of valves should be removed, and seats of bearings of a camshaft — dry.
Measurement of a gap carry out in the following sequence:

Fig. 158. Installation of a plastic thread

- establish a dry camshaft in a head of the block and arrange a piece of a plastic thread on a camshaft neck along it (fig. 158) ;
- establish a cover corresponding to the checked bearing, and зятяните bolts of fastening of a cover the necessary moment. Thus it is not allowed to strike on a cover and to turn a shaft;
- unscrew bolts of fastening of a cover and remove it;

Fig. 159. Measurement of a radial gap in camshaft bearings

- put a template to the flattened-out thread, its width will correspond to gap size (fig. 159) ;
- repeat process with all other bearings;
- at worn-out bearings it is necessary to replace entirely a head of the block or it is possible to manage only camshaft replacement.