Ford Focus>> Engines>> Assembly and engine dismantling>> Zetec-SE 1,4 engine dismantling – 1,6 l
Dismantling of the engine carry out in the following sequence:
- establish the engine at the assembly stand or on an assembly table;
- remove the generator.
Models without the conditioner
Remove a natyazhitel of a belt of a drive of auxiliary units.
All models
Remove the top cover of a belt of a drive of the gas-distributing mechanism (GRM);
- remove a pulley of the pump of cooling liquid;

Fig. 87. Removal of a pulley of the pump of the cooling liquid, a directing roller and a GRM belt cover

- remove directing roller (fig. 87) ;

Fig. 88. Removal of an arm of the engine

- remove an engine arm (fig. 88) ;
- remove топливопровод;
- uncover heads of cylinders. Previously remove tips from spark plugs together with wires of a high voltage, disconnect the contact socket from the sensor of temperature of a head of cylinders (SNT), remove spark plugs. Do not damage laying of a cover of a head of cylinders, it is replaced only together with a cover;
- remove a pulley (a damper of krutilny fluctuations) from a cranked shaft;
cнимите bottom cover of a GRM belt;
- if you established a natyazhitel of a belt on the clown, weaken a tension of a belt and remove it then remove a natyazhitel. If at you the tension of a belt is regulated by arm moving, weaken fastening of bolts of a natyazhitel, remove a belt, and then a natyazhitel;
- remove gear pulleys from camshafts;
- remove a gear pulley from a cranked shaft;
- remove internal a GRM belt cover;

Fig. 89. Removal of camshafts. Order of a tightening of bolts of covers of bearings of camshafts

- remove camshafts, for this purpose unscrew bolts of fastening of covers of bearings in the sequence shown on fig. 89 . Mark the provision of each cover before removal, it is necessary for the subsequent assembly;
- remove epiploons of camshafts;
- remove pushers of valves and adjusting washers, mark and put one after another;
cнимите hose of ventilation of a case;
- unscrew three bottom bolts of fastening of an inlet collector and disconnect a tube of the index of level of oil, before it unclench the contact socket of the sensor of a detonation (KS);

Fig. 90. Removal of a head of the block of cylinders. Sequence of an otvorachivaniye of bolts

- unscrew bolts of fastening of a head of the block of cylinders in the sequence shown on fig. 90 and remove it. The temperature of a head should be thus lower 30 ° than S.Golovku put on a soft material;
- remove the pump of cooling liquid, pay attention to a krylchatka, it is easily deformed;
- we remove the thermostat, the sensor of pressure of oil and the sensor of a detonation (KS).
Release models to 11.1999 g.
Remove an oil case. At removal of a case try, that products of wear did not get to the engine.
Release models from 12.1999 g.
Remove an oil case by means of the adaptation. For this purpose unscrew a drain stopper and insert into an opening the adaptation and only then turn on fastening bolts.
All models

Fig. 91. Removal of a maslopriyemnik and oil pump

Remove a maslopriyemnik, the lower part of a case of the engine and the oil pump together with laying (fig. 91) ;
- remove laying from a privalochny surface of the case of the oil pump;
- remove press a coupling disk. For this purpose fix a flywheel by means of the special tool or a suitable screw-driver. Turn on bolts cross-wise gradually on two turns while press the disk will not be released;
- fix a flywheel, unscrew bolts of fastening and remove it;
- uncover a back epiploon of a cranked shaft and a support of the sensor of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft;
- disconnect the block of cylinders assembled with the krivoshipno-shatunny mechanism from the assembly stand and the top party put on a soft support, in a complete set it is possible to replace this part of the engine. According to the instruction of Ford of a detail of a cranked shaft, and also pistons and sleeves of cylinders separately are not replaced.