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Before disassembling the engine on components, clear all external surfaces of dirt and oil spots. Fix the engine on an assembly workbench or by means of wooden wedges on an assembly table. Pay attention to places of connections as when you will open them, alien elements can casually get to the engine.
In the beginning the general dismantling will be described, and dismantling of its separate components further is presented. You can find operations of dismantling interesting you on the corresponding headings.
We recommend to mark before dismantling by an oilproof felt-tip pen adjusting provisions or the directions of rotation of details. It is required at work with pistons, valves, covers of bearings and loose leaves as they are established in certain provisions. Their wrong installation will lead to serious consequences at engine start-up. Address with light-alloy materials with extra care — if the blow of a hammer is inevitable, use an aluminum or plastic hammer. Fasten on directing hairpins of a final collector of the dismantled head of the block suitable steel laying on which you can fix then a collected head.
When dismantling engine except the ordinary tool it be required to you also special, such as a stripper of piston rings, a micrometer, a steel ruler and a nutromer.