Ford Focus>> Engines>> Engine dismantling>> Removal of the Zetec-E engine in 1.8 working volume of 2,0 l, iB5 aggregated with a transmission
For performance of this work the Ford services are equipped with the following special tool: the lift for the engine 303-122 (21068А); the assembly adaptation 303-397 (24003), the adaptation for dismantling of drives of shaft 308-237 (16087).
Removal of the engine carry out in the following order:
- remove wires from plugs of the storage battery;
- remove the battery;
- remove an arm of the storage battery;
- disconnect a wire clamp;
- remove the air filter with an inlet sleeve;
- disconnect a hose of system of ventilation of a case;
- remove an inlet branch pipe;

Fig. 77. Cable of a pedal of an accelerator: 1 — a clip; 2 — a cable cover

- disconnect a cable 2 (fig. 77) of a pedal of an accelerator for what separate a clip 1;
- open a broad tank of system of cooling;
- merge cooling liquid in reception capacity for further use;
- unscrew nuts of fastening of amortizatorny racks on 5 turns;
- unscrew nuts of fastening of forward wheels and remove them;
- establish the gear shifting lever in neutral situation;
- disconnect the contact socket from the coil of ignition and the filter of suppression of hindrances;
- disconnect the contact socket of the oxygen sensor;
- disconnect the contact socket of the control unit (RSM);
- disconnect the contact socket of the generator;
- disconnect the pipeline from the working cylinder of coupling. That brake liquid did not follow from a tube, muffle an opening;
- disconnect the contact socket of the central plait of wires;
- disconnect the contact socket of the sensor of speed;
- disconnect the contact socket of the switch of light of a backing and the sensor of an angle of rotation of a cranked shaft (SKR);
- remove the deflector with the fan for what release clips on both parties, further lift up the deflector and pull out it through a bottom;
- remove vacuum hoses;
- disconnect a vacuum hose of the vacuum amplifier of brakes;

Fig. 78. Toplivoprovod and wire of connection with "weight"

- disconnect топливопровод and a wire of connection with "weight" (fig. 78) ;

Toplivoprovod is under pressure, as a result the part of fuel can pour out.

- remove hoses of system of cooling;
- lift the car;

Fig. 79. Cables of inclusion and choice of transfers

- disconnect cables of inclusion and a choice of transfers, for this purpose turn the basic ring located on an arm clockwise, and remove from the holder (fig. 79) ;
- uncover a belt of a drive of auxiliary units;

Fig. 80. Belt of a drive of auxiliary units

- weaken a tension of a belt and remove it, for this purpose turn a natyazhitel of a belt clockwise (fig. 80) .
Models with the conditioner
Remove the compressor and temporarily fix on a traverse.
All models
Unscrew bolts of fastening of the pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering and remove a hose of system of cooling;
- lower the car;
- remove a tank of a girousilitel of a steering and take aside;
- disconnect the pipeline of a high pressure;
- remove the pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering and fix by means of a wire in podkapotny space;
- lift the car and remove a reception pipe of system of production of the fulfilled gases;

Fig. 81. Removal of a support of the engine

- unscrew bolts of fastening of a support of the engine (fig. 81) ;

Fig. 82. Cross-section lever

- disconnect the bottom spherical support from a fist. Remove forward wheels (fig. 82) ;
- remove the right shaft of a drive of forward wheels with intermediate shaft. For this purpose remove a bracket of the bearing of an intermediate shaft. It is necessary to remember that the maximum angle of rotation of the internal hinge 18 ° and external — 45 °;
- openings on a transmission close assembly covers;
- put an assembly table with wedges under the engine;
- carefully lower the car while the power unit will not lay down on an assembly table;
- fix the power unit by means of couplers and wedges on an assembly table;
- remove back and forward support of the engine;
- carefully lift the car;
- disconnect a transmission from the engine.