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Fig. 60. Belt of a drive of GRM of the diesel engine: 1 — a natyazhitel of a gear belt of a drive of a camshaft; 2 — a gear pulley of a camshaft; 3 — a gear belt; 4 — a gear pulley of TNVD

The gear belt brings a pulley of TNVD and a camshaft pulley into rotation. The automatic natyazhitel of a belt provides its normal tension during all service life. The initial tension of a belt is created by the adjustable clown. A new belt for the Endure engine rather rigid. At its installation pay attention to designation (fig. 60) .
At operation of the engine the camshaft influences eight mechanical pushers. The thermal gap of valves is established, as well as in Zetec-SE and E engines, by means of adjusting washers approximately each 150 000 km. The gap on the cold engine makes for inlet valves — 0,30 — 0,40 mm, for final 0,45 — 0,55 mm.
Head laying

Fig. 61. Laying of a head of the block: 1 — openings for directing plugs; 2 — the marking specifying thickness of laying; the arrow shows on the correct installation of laying

Laying of a head of the block consists of three steel plates, each of which has the vulcanized polymeric layer, its other name MLS. Such laying is reliable and has long service life. On the diesel engine laying with three different thickness is applied. The thickness of laying gets out depending on position of the piston of rather privalochny surface of the block. You can learn the amount of laying on ledges on a laying edge (fig. 61) .
Epiploons of a cranked shaft

Fig. 62. The back epiploon of a cranked shaft is established by means of the special plug. The service centers Fords use for this purpose the special tool 21-217

Both epiploons of a cranked shaft are pressed by means of the adjusting plug. They are made from фторопласта by PTFE and are mounted without greasing. The back epiploon is delivered complete with the adjusting plug. In the service center Ford an epiploon establish by means of the special tool (fig. 62) .
Ventilation of a case of the engine

Fig. 63. Regular cleaning of the valve

On the top party of a cover of a head of the block there is an air valve of system of ventilation of the case, shown by an arrow on fig. 63 . This valve, as well as all hoses of system of ventilation of a case, should be always pure. If it is not present, there can be a leak through epiploons of a cranked shaft.