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Drive of valves
With application of modern materials and change of camshafts it is paid much attention to mechanical pushers of valves. Ford recommends to check thermal gaps of valves each 100 000 km of run, and also at engine repair. For installation of gaps adjusting washers are used. There are 52 sizes of the washers differing on thickness. The size of thickness of a washer is put on a reverse side (so, for example, value 222 means thickness of a washer of 2,22 mm).
Due to the limitation of working space at adjustment of thermal gaps of valves use the special adaptation. Gaps of valves measure on the cold engine with the greatest accuracy. The gap is measured between a cam of a camshaft and an adjusting washer. For inlet valves the gap makes 0,11 — 0,18 mm, and for final — 0,27 — 0,34 mm.
Both camshafts are actuated from a cranked shaft by a gear belt. Service life of a belt makes 150 000 km of run or 10 years of operation, except for cases when the gear belt at repair work is dismantled and replaced with the new. Natyazhitel of a belt provides a necessary tension of a belt during all term of operation.
Cranked shaft
The cranked shaft leans on 5 radical bearings. On the central radical bearing persistent rings against axial shift of a cranked shaft are established. All rods are numbered from the first to the fourth. Replacement of covers of shatunny bearings and rods at repair of the engine is not allowed. The rigid oil case reduces engine vibration. The oil case fastens to the block of cylinders and is condensed with WSE-M4G-323-A6 hermetic which is put with a layer about 3 mm, thus laying is not used.