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Fig. 1. The identification plate of Focus is located ahead in podkapotny space, on the top cross-section shelf. It contains data on car type, weight, the number VIN, and also designation of the established units

In the course of production some details of your car changed. Therefore upon purchase of spare parts it is necessary to know year of release of the car. You facilitate work to yourselves and the seller if will provide data on the car from the identification plate ( the Fig. 1 ). The skilled seller without effort will determine a suitable detail by catalog number. In certain cases it is possible to show a pure, old detail to the seller.
Try to distinguish the original from a fake.
All spare parts which you get for car repairs, should have a guarantee. Known shops of spare parts have the wide range of details from suppliers of plants of the Ford company. For comparison take an interest in the price and quality of details of various suppliers. Do not allow risk of acquisition of details without the name. Do not risk better, the effect from economy will be actually insignificant and cannot compensate a damage from risk of loss of safety. Buy details from the official supplier of plant better.