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The identification plate is the card of any car. It contains data on car type, its number VIN, and also designation of applied units. The plate ahead on a cross-piece, under a cowl. The number VIN is in addition visible outside of the car on a badge located at the left, dashboards, and on a forward cross-piece before an inlet air line are a little higher. According to the number VIN experts receive additional information. The first three letters speak about the manufacturing country (the cars made in Germany, have «WFO» designations). The following speaks about the built-in safety cushions. Engine number (an alphanumeric code) is punched on the block of cylinders. On the Zetec engine it is punched in front, on the right under a flange of connection of the engine with a transmission at the Endura-DI engine — at the left on the fuel pump of a high pressure.
At first sight can seem that information on the plate is not of great importance. And still because of variety of models of Focus cars you will be more sure upon purchase of spare parts when will present to the seller these plates or, even better, the registration certificate of the car.