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Focus car driving — is a bright example of the best combination of comfort and safety. On the car the forward suspension bracket of the McPherson type and back — the SLA type, as well as on the Mondeo Turnier car, on two cross-section levers of different length is applied. The suspension bracket has taxiing-up effect that does Focus pleasant in management. All elements of a back suspension bracket are established on the back cross-section frame, fastening by bolts to the lower part of a body. Focus is equipped with disk brakes on all wheels, is braked by four disk brakes, in the European market cars with back brakes of drum-type type, as at the Escort car are also presented. Forward brakes are equipped with ventilated brake disks in thickness of 22 mm and diameter of 258 mm. Diameter of pistons of a brake bracket of 54 mm. Back brakes have brake disks in diameter of 252,7 mm and thickness of 10 mm which are clamped by pistons in diameter of 34 mm. For reduction of effort on a brake pedal on Focus the vacuum amplifier is established. The parking brake brakes back wheels. The ABS system is established on the majority of models.
The car is equipped by the hydraulic booster of a steering.
On the car establish a mechanical 5-step transmission of iB5 with engines 1,4 — 1,8 l and MTX 75 with engines of 2,0 l of Zetec-E; 1,8 l of Endura — a turbodiesel. On cars with the engine of 1,6 l of Zetec-SE the automatic transmission 4F27E is established.