Ford Focus>> Introduction>> Choice of additional options>> Engine of 1,4 l of Zetec 16V working объемом1388 in cm3 and capacity of 55 kW (75 h.p.)

Fig. 38. The base Zetec-SE engine of 1,4 l, capacity of 75 h.p. at 5000 mines-1

The engine of 1,4 l of Zetec-SE was established for the first time on the Fiesta-96 car (fig. 38) . For improvement of the characteristic of a torque in the field of low and average turns engine capacity was reduced from 66 kW (90 h.p.) to 55 kW (75 h.p.). Thus the torque grew by 25 % and made 123 N · m at 3500 mines-1. On the Focus car the engine works with bigger extent of compression, than at Fiesta, besides, the working mix arrives directly in the combustion chamber. As a result the car received the best dynamics.