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Ghia can be carried to the highest class. Focus Ghia distinguishes from Ambientе existence of the climate control, painted under color of the car, warmed-up lateral mirrors with the electric drive, the chromeplated door handles, the dashboard of two flowers. Outwardly Ghia can be distinguished according to the plate, the chromeplated molding on the front bumper, to the decorative wheel caps typical for Ghia, the chromeplated handle of a luggage carrier and in public overlays for thresholds with Ghia emblem.
At the first view of salon gives out expensive option: the dashboard, doors and averages are resistant pleasing the eye with decors «under a tree», a four-beam leather steering wheel, velyurovy seats, a seat of the driver with an adjustable back and with an electric drive of adjustment on height. Back seats are displayed in the relations 1:3 or 2:3, divided by an armrest in an average part, two convenient separate seats as a result turn out.