Ford Focus>> Introduction>> Periodic service and care of the car>> Check of level of oil in a mechanical transmission
Modern transmission oils are calculated now on long term of operation. Mechanical transmission of the Focus car not an exception, at plant refuels oil with long term of operation. On a surface of a transmission the easy oil fog is allowed. If you онаружите dense oil spots, clear them from a surface and check oil level, if necessary add. Periodically check level of oil and accept it as a rule.
In transmissions of Focus cars universal synthetic oil is used. After repair of a transmission it is necessary to add oil of that brand that was filled in earlier. Transmission filling by oil carry out in the workshops having the special equipment: pumps for absorption and filling.
You can add a small amount of oil in a transmission by means of an oil syringe. Level of oil should be in an iB-5 model transmission on 10 — 15 mm below a jellied mouth, on the MTH-75 model — on 5 mm below mouth level.