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Fig. 36. Oil щуп. The difference between «MAX» and «MIN» makes 0,4 l

In an automatic transmission 4F27E oil is filled in counting on long using. Nevertheless in some extreme conditions, for example operation in mountains or with the trailer, can occur small leakage of oil. After such trips check level of oil and subsequently check each 45 000 km. On the car is available oil щуп, located in a zone between the engine and a transmission ( the Fig. 36 ). For measurement of level of oil in a transmission execute the following:
- stop the car on an equal platform and leave to work the engine idling;
- the gear shifting lever slowly transfer to the situation "R";
- switch off the engine, take out oil щуп and look at oil level. The difference between «MIN» and «MAX» makes 0,4 l.
- add demanded amount of oil through directing tube for щупа. It is important to remember that oil it is possible to fill in only that is recommended for this type of a transmission.