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Replacement of cooling liquid carry out after ten years of operation of the car or 240 000 km of run. This rule extends only for the original M97v44-D brand (Мotorcaft Super Plus 2000). However it is regular, approximately at every third filling, supervise liquid level in a broad tank. Do it on the cold engine when in system of cooling there is no superfluous pressure.

Fig. 35. If level of cooling liquid fell in a broad tank below a mark of "min" add in a tank cooling liquid. Pay attention, whether is not present in a tank and an oil film

On the cold engine level of cooling liquid should be not less bottom level. At the working engine cooling liquid extends, taking into account it the tank should have enough place. At the warm engine the system of cooling is under pressure. Liquid add on the cold engine. On the hot engine, when opening a cover of a broad tank, there is a danger to scald. Do not add liquid above a maximum level. You can add a small amount of liquid at the warm engine ( the Fig. 35 ).