Ford Focus>> Appendix>> Moments of an inhaling of knots and details of the car, N · m>> Engine of 1,8 l of Endura-DI
Engine installation
EXPERT compressor       25
Starter       20
Bracket of an intermediate pozhshipnik of a shaft of a drive of wheels       27
Final collector (block head)       23
Limiter of a list        48
List limiter (the central bolt)       120
Pressure head truboprovodgidrousilitel of a steering       10
The Amortizatorny is resistant (nut)       48
Generator (arm of a support of the M10 engine)       50
Generator (arm of a support of the M8 engine)       28
Generator (block of cylinders)       42
Wire of the traction relay of a starter       6
Wire of a starter       12
Wire of "weight"       35
       Engine 83 support
Engine support (body)       83
Engine support (arm of the hydraulic booster of a steering)       47
Cross-section lever (rotary fist)       83
Mechanism of a tension of a belt of the hydraulic booster of a steering       24
Cover of a belt of a drive of auxiliary       units 10
Block of cylinders
Radical bearing
1st       stage 27
The 2nd stage       to tighten on 75 °
Sensor of frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft       10
Arm of the sensor of frequency       21
The engine with a transmission       40
Cover of the bearing of a rod
1st       stage 25
The 2nd stage        to tighten on 60 °
The 3rd stage        to tighten on 20 °
Back cover       20
Pulley of a cranked shaft        35
Flywheel bolts
1st       stage 18
The 2nd stage        to tighten on 45 °
The 3rd stage        to tighten on 45 °
Damper of a cranked shaft
1st       stage 90
The 2nd stage        to tighten on 90 °
Vacuum       pump 22
Cooling system
Drain stopper of a radiator       23
Arm of a hose of the cooling
- liquids (block of cylinders)       50
       Thermostat 23 case
The sensor of temperature of cooling       liquid 20
Radiator (auxiliary frame)       10
Broad tank       10
Pulley of the pump of cooling       liquid 23
       Thermostat 9 cover
       Thermostat 23 case
The pump of cooling       liquid 12
Greasing system
Internal bolts (oil radiator, turbonagnetatel)       10
Ventilation of a case       25
Drain stopper       25
Sensor of pressure       20
Oil       filter 18
Oil pump (block of cylinders)       29
Return pipeline (the vacuum pump)       16
Oil case       10
Pressure head pipeline (turbokompressor)       18
Pressure head pipeline (turbokompressor,
- block of cylinders)       50
Head of the block of cylinders
Inlet collector (head of the block of cylinders)       23
Final collector       23
Glow plug       15
Glow plug (wire)       2
Elevating eye       23
Oil pan       20
Vacuum       pipeline 22
Clown        45
Bolts of a head of the block (long)
1st       stage 20
2nd       stage 54
3 stage        to tighten on 160 °
Bolts of a head of the block (short)
1st       stage 20
2nd       stage 54
The 3rd stage        to tighten on 160 °
Pulley of a camshaft (М10)       48
Pulley of a camshaft (М8)       35
Cover of the bearing of a camshaft       23
Cover of a gear       belt 8
Bottom cover of a gear       belt 10
Natyazhitel of a gear       belt 68
Natyazhitel of a gear belt (М10)       50
Natyazhitel of a gear belt (М8)       10
Fuel system
Nozzles        23
Pressure head        pipeline 25
Fuel pump of a high pressure       (TNVD) 23
Fixing bolt       of TNVD 12
Clamp (nozzle)       24
Fuel        filter 23
Cover of an epiploon        10
       TNVD 42 pulley
        TNVD 33 asterisk
System of production of the fulfilled gases
Return       pipeline 16
Catalytic       converter 40
Arm of a final collector
(block of cylinders)       51
Arm       23
Oil radiator       (plugs) 10
Oil radiator (bolts)       25
Turbonagnetatel       24
Mechanical transmission
Starter (transmission)       35
Shaft of a drive of wheels (nut)       316
Bracket of the intermediate bearing of a drive of wheels       25
Arm of the storage       battery 25
List limiter (transmission)       48
List limiter (auxiliary frame)       48
Bolt of system of ventilation       14
Nut of an amortizatorny rack        47
The engine with a transmission       47
Case of a transmission       32
Catalytic       converter 47
Catalytic converter (arm)       24
Spherical finger of the hinge (cross-section lever, rotary fist)       47
System tube coolings (transmission)       48
Working cylinder of coupling        10
Cooler of nadduvochny       air 10
       Bearing 34 arm
Air line of a cooler of nadduvochny        air 10
Engine support (nut)       48
Engine support (the central nut)       133
Engine support (transmission arm)       80
Masloslivny stopper        45
Maslonalivny stopper        45
Nut of a nave of a wheel        85
Switch of light of a backing       10
Switch pin (management shaft
- gear shifting)       28
Switching lever (shaft lever)       30
Switching lever (switching shaft)       40
Coulisse switchings       (case) 10
Gear wheel of differential        88
Valve of a hydraulic actuator of coupling       10
Forward suspension bracket
Rotary fist (ABS pin)       9
Shaft of a drive of wheels (nut)       316
Brake bracket       28
Support of an amortizatorny rack       48
Bolt of an amortizatorny rack (rotary fist)       90
Bearing of the top support
- Amortizatorny rack       25
Coupler bolt (lath of the steering mechanism)       26
Coupler bolt (shaft of a steering column)       28
Spherical support (the cross-section lever)       50
Steering       mechanism 80
Shaft of a steering       35
Cross-section lever (axis of the cross-section lever, back bolts)       200
Cross-section lever (axis of the cross-section lever, forward bolts)       115
Coupling bolt of the cross-section       lever 50
Draft of the stabilizer of cross-section stability       50
Bracket of draft of the stabilizer
1st       stage 50
2nd       stage 70
Nut of a nave of a wheel        85
Steering draft        80
Steering draft (самоконтрящаяся nut)        63
Tip of steering draft (rotary fist)        47
        Hinge 28
Back suspension bracket
       Axis 66 support
Brake bracket       28
Cross-section       lever 115
Nave of a wheel       235
Stabilizer of cross-section stability (bolts)       48
       Stabilizer 15 rack
The shock-absorber (top), except       Turnier 18
Shock-absorber (top),       Turnier 115
Shock-absorber (rotary fist)       115
Longitudinal draft (body)       115
       Pipeline 65
Drive of a steering       80
Nut of a steering wheel       50
Bolts of fastening of a steering       column 23
Pump of the hydraulic booster of a steering       25
Brake system
Vacuum amplifier of brakes       23
Brake pipeline (nut М10)       17
Brake pipeline (nut М12)       20
Brake bracket       28
Lever of the parking brake (body)       20
Main brake cylinder
(vacuum amplifier)       20
The pipeline (a nut — the cylinder)       8