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Outer sides (forward tires) are worn-out: hard turn. Check a convergence of wheels. Overturn tires on disks or change them for the back.
Outer sides of a protector are worn-out more than the middle: - too small pressure in tires.
Slanted profile: the wrong corners of installation of wheels — mainly occurs, when one wheel has unilateral wear.
The middle of a protector is worn-out more strongly, than outer sides: it happens at frequent trips on high speeds. Tires are stretched under the influence of centrifugal forces and consequently wear out in the middle, than along the edges more strongly. Especially distinctly it can be noticed on an example of back wheels.
Strong wear on both parties (it is distributed on all circle): existence of an imbalance of wheels.

Fig. 331. Wear of a protector owing to wheel blocking when braking

Fig. 332. The static imbalance is found already at free rotation of the hung-out wheel. Center of gravity below (And). The dynamic imbalance starts to be felt at high speeds. The wheel starts to vibrate (B)

Surfaces are strongly worn-out on the one hand: wear tracks owing to wheel blocking. Often appears when blocking brakes on cars without ABS (fig. 331 and 332) .
You distinguish unbalanced wheels on vibration of a steering wheel or frequent oscillating motions of a forward part of the car. Address as soon as possible in the service center and отбалансируйте wheels.