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Installation carry out in the following sequence:

Fig. 322. Fastening of a holding arm (engine 1.8/2.0)

- unscrew bolts of fastening of a back holding arm (fig. 322) . For this purpose the holder with a holding arm slightly shift, adjusting surfaces should adjoin.

Otherwise it can lead to damage of the holder and late to failure of catalytic converter.

- establish catalytic converter with new nuts and laying, a nut at first acquire;
- connect сильфон to catalytic converter (apply new laying);
- lower the car;
- tighten all nuts;
- establish the sensor a lambda probe with new consolidation;
- attach the contact socket to the sensor a lambda probe;
- establish the heat-shielding screen;
- establish the pipeline;
- lift the car and fix on supports;

Fig. 323. Pipe fastening (engine 1.8/2.0)

- wrap nuts (fig. 323) ;
- a forward holding arm fix, having wrapped bolts the moment of 22 N · m;

Fig. 324. Fastening bolts (engine 1.8/2.0)

- bolts wrap the moment of 47 N · m (fig. 324) ;
- establish the bottom holder. Wrap nuts the moment of 4 N · m and bolts the moment of 22 N · m;
- establish the heat-shielding screen;
- lower the car and make a trial trip. If necessary tighten carving connections.