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Through corrosion can be eliminated by means of welding, but it only for short time. The special shpaklevka or a bandage keep more long, but, by experience corrosion will appear again near repair places. For release systems more than one quite often occurs to number of exhaust silencers that after replacement of one of exhaust silencers of the second again fails. Therefore, as a rule, the service centers change system entirely. And still, before will start to work with release system, examine it and solve, whether it is necessary to replace separate parts or system entirely.
Works order the following:
- lift the car and steadily fix on supports;
- remove the rusted carving connections, for assembly use only new fixture, washers and laying;
- replace with new all rubber details of a suspension bracket of system;
- if system details earlier were already replaced, divide butt connections of pipes best of all in a warm condition. The service centers use for this purpose gas torches — the good household gas torch also will be suitable for this purpose. Protect your hands and eyes at such works as working gloves and points, prepare also the fire extinguisher;

Practical advice
Before applying a torch try at first rust solvent.

- disconnect pipes strong rotary motions, with additional support — easy blows of a hammer;
- if it did not help, cut off trumpet connection of the defective exhaust silencer exactly on 10 cm behind a junction. The pipe rest надпилите a hacksaw on length of a pipe also move apart a strong screw-driver.