Ford Focus>> System of production of the fulfilled gases

Fig. 316 and. System of production of the fulfilled gases for engines with working volume 1,4 — 1,6 l: 1 — catalytic converter; 2 — the central exhaust silencer; 3 — the back exhaust silencer; 4 — laying

Fig. 316 B. System of production of the fulfilled gases for engines with working volume 1,8 — 2,0 l: 1 — a clip of catalytic converter; 2 — laying; 3 — catalytic converter; 4 — an arm; 5 — сильфон; 6 — laying; 7 — the central exhaust silencer; 8 — the back exhaust silencer; 9 — laying

Fig. of 316 century. System of production of the fulfilled gases of diesel engines: 1 — catalytic converter; 2 — сильфон; 3 — the central exhaust silencer; 4 — the back exhaust silencer

Decrease in noise at an exit of the fulfilled gases and their emission in the atmosphere was the main task of system of release of cars. Since 1980th the system of release gets new functions: catalytic converters built in it reduce to 90 % of all harmful substances containing in fulfilled gases. The Focus car is equipped with the system of release consisting of one or two parts. Now the system of release is equipped with adjustable three-componental catalytic converter. In addition gases pass through an exhaust pipe, the resonator and the main exhaust silencer. Heat-shielding screens on an installation site of converter and exhaust silencers protect a body from influence of high temperatures ( fig. 316 and , 316 , 316 in ).
Service life of system of an exhaust in many respects depends on car service conditions. If you mainly go in city conditions or on short distances, in system settles more condensate, soot and harmful acid connections. During long trips the system gets warm to enough stable high temperatures that naturally increases term of its service. In practice the system of production of the fulfilled gases of the Focus car maintains to 70 000 km of run.
The forward part of system of an exhaust with the catalyst, despite oxidation, serves more long, than other sites of system. In the last by the way of the fulfilled gases the exhaust silencer the greatest number of condensate gathers. The mix from soot and aggressive acid connections corrodes an exhaust pipe from within and outside. As the cooled atmospheric particles of water influence all the time a hot surface of pipes of system, there are strong temperature fluctuations which negatively influence pipes. Finally because of it there can be elements of through corrosion. The sprayed particles of water and salt lead to formation of an external rust as well as blows of stones or the external physical damages caused, for example, by landing to soil, to the same extent promote destruction of system of production of the fulfilled gases. Oscillating motions of the engine can lead to destruction of rubber laying of holders.