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If you for any reason have no possibility to adjust a headlight in the service center, can use the following technique:
- check pressure in tires and if necessary pump up them;
- the fuel tank should be filled at least on 3/4 or load into a luggage compartment cargo it is powerful 30 kg, corresponding to weight of half filled tank;
- load a place of the driver the loading equal of about 75 kg;
- establish in front of the car, whenever possible, before a wall of dark color. The distance between a forward part of the car and a wall should make precisely five meters;
- several times press with effort to the car to compress suspension bracket springs in front and behind, and establish the switch of a corner of lighting in situation "0";

Fig. 314. Adjustment of light of headlights on a wall

- measure distance between the earth and the center of both headlights. On a wall we put the S1 line (fig. 314) at the height equal measured;
- on 5 cm below the S1 line draw on a wall the parallel line (Е). This distance of an inclination of a passing beam of headlights;
- define the middle of the car and designate M.Oboznachte's line the car center a point of intersection of lines M and S1;
- measure distance between the center of the car and the central points of headlights. Transfer this size to the adjusting line E (at the left and on the right) from the center of the car and designate these S2 lines. Adjusting points for control of headlights are points of intersection of lines E and S2;
- if on your car fog lights are established, we repeat installation in the described sequence;

Fig. 315. Adjusting bolts of headlights: 1 — an adjusting bolt down; 2 — an adjusting bolt across

- adjustment of headlights carry out bolts at an open cowl (fig. 315) ;
- include ignition and a passing beam;
- rotate an installation bolt down while the border of light and shade of a passing beam on the right side will not be crossed with the adjusting line;
- rotate an installation bolt across, located on headlight inside while the break of the light picture of a passing beam precisely will not get on an adjusting point (a part of a diffused light to 15 % can lie above the adjusting line);
- after such adjustment of a passing beam the driving beam will correspond to norm.