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On the dashboard of the car there is an alarm lamp of malfunction of brake system. If the car is not braked by the parking brake, the lamp dies away. If is not present, check level of brake liquid in the broad tank being at level of a forward wall of a body under a cowl. If the lamp periodically lights up during a trip, the possible reason is insufficient level of brake liquid in a broad tank or one of brake contours is faulty. The second brake contour remains efficient, and you can carefully reach to the next workshop.

Fig. 34. Broad tank of brake liquid

The broad tank ( 34 ) brake liquid is located the Fig. near a forward wall of a body under a cowl. Regularly check level of brake liquid. Even at efficient brake system level of liquid can decrease. The reason — wear of brake slips, pistons receive the increased course, as a result additional volume of cylinders is filled with brake liquid. Level of brake liquid in a broad tank should is between «min» and «max» marks.
The main components of brake liquid are polyglycol and полиоксиэтилен. The mix of these components remains fluid still at–40 ° With and has rather high boiling point — about 270 ° Page. Brake liquid is hygroscopic — it constantly absorbs the moisture being in air through a tank cover. Approximately to 2 % every year. At moisture content to 2,5 % the boiling point falls to 150 ° Page. In such situation at strongly warm brakes (a trip in the mountains, complete braking, driving with the trailer) in brake liquid is formed a steam stopper. The steam stopper operates approximately the same as air in brake system — a brake pedal "fails" to a floor. Replace brake liquid — in interests of your safety — two times in a year.
Utilization of the used brake liquid
Brake liquid is poisonous. Avoid its contact to an oral cavity or open wounds. It aggressively influences paint and varnish coverings. The used brake liquid should be surely utilized. Do not apply brake liquid from the tank which has staid long time without a cover.