Ford Focus>> Electric equipment>> Electric motor of a screen wiper of a windscreen>> Removal
Removal of the electric motor carry out in the following order:
- be convinced that the engine is switched off. Disconnect a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- remove levers of brushes as it is described earlier;
- remove a plastic lattice, for this purpose remove caps and unscrew screws;
- remove a protective cover from the electric motor and separate the contact socket;
- unscrew 3 bolts and remove the electric motor together with levers;
- mark position of the directing lever of rather assembly plate;

Fig. 310. Removal of a plastic cover: 1 — covers; 2 — screws

- unscrew a nut of fastening of the directing lever and remove the screen wiper electric motor from an assembly plate (fig. 310) .