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The generator represents compact "power plant" which at the working engine supplies with the electric power of consumers. The anchor of the generator is given in rotation by a maple belt and the cranked shaft of the engine rotates almost twice quicker, than. Three-phase generators make an alternating current which will be transformed by means of the block of rectifiers to a direct current. The regulator of tension established behind the generator provides demanded tension of an onboard network. The generator charges the battery and supplies at the same time all consumers connected to a network.

Fig. 302. Generator installation: 1 — the generator

The system of regulation of loading by means of RSM protects the storage battery. For a cold battery room of the battery the best mode of a charging is the increased tension, and on the contrary, the warm battery is better for charging a sparing mode — with smaller tension. Taking into account it on the car the difficult monitoring system of loading which the RSM block operates is applied. It changes tension, cooperating with sensors of temperature of soaked-up air (IAT) and temperatures in podkapotny space. The system of regulation of loading counts maximum permissible values of tension and transfers the tension given to a regulator. At the same time the RSM system operates and supervises target tension of the generator. For example, at a large number of the connected consumers or the discharged battery room of the battery the system raises number of turns of idling. In order that at start-up of the engine to reduce loading in an onboard chain, on the generator it is switched off internal, and on a diesel engine — the external sliding coupling from a pulley of a shaft of an anchor. Thus the generator starts to work after the engine was started. Do not try to repair Focus car generators independently, it is better to do in a specialized workshop (fig. 302) .