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Fig. 301. Starter details: 1 — a starter assembled; 2 — the traction relay; 3 — a cover with adjustment of an axial gap in the bearing; 4 — a shchetkoderzhatel; 5 — an anchor; 6 — a driving gear wheel with the coupling of a free wheeling; 7 — a cover from a gear wheel; 8 — an inclusion fork

Start-up of the engine is carried out by means of a starter. As soon as the ignition key turns in the situation "start", tension via the ignition key (plug "50") on the traction relay located from above of a starter starts to move. The traction relay by means of a fork of inclusion moves a driving gear wheel on an anchor shaft with screw shlitsa in the direction of a gear wreath of a flywheel of the engine. After the beginning of rotation of an anchor of a starter the driving gear wheel enters into gearing with a gear wreath of a flywheel and starts to rotate a cranked shaft of the engine (fig. 301) .

Possible malfunctions of a starter
Elimination method
The starter hardly rotates a cranked shaft or at all does not work
The alarm lamp burns low or flickers:
Start up the engine by means of the external power supply or by means of car towage
- the battery is discharged

- unreliable contact connection on plugs
- batteries or are oxidized plugs
Reliably fix wires on plugs of the battery and clean contacts
- the starter closes on the case
Give a starter to repair
The alarm lamp burns brightly, clicks are audible from a starter (works the traction relay), but the cranked shaft does not rotate:
Give a starter to repair
weakened fastening of brushes in a shchetkoderzhatel
Give a starter to repair or replace
- burned slightly contacts of the traction relay (stick)
Replace the traction relay or give a starter to repair
- starter windings are damaged
Give a starter to repair or replace
The alarm lamp burns brightly, is not audible clicks of operation of the traction relay:
Check contact connections
- unreliable contact connection of the traction relay
Fix contact connection
- chain break from the ignition lock to the traction relay
Check a chain by means of a control lamp
The starter works, but the cranked shaft does not rotate
The driving gear wheel wore out
Clear a gear wheel or replace
Jammings in the mechanism of moving of a gear wheel
Give a starter to repair
The gear wreath on a flywheel is damaged
The car with the included one transfer we push for shift of a wreath of a flywheel a little. After that it is possible again to try to start up the engine. Subsequently replace the damaged details
The traction relay joins and switched off, but the cranked shaft does not rotate
The battery is strongly discharged
Charge the battery
The anchor of a starter continues to rotate, in spite of the fact that the ignition key is not any more in the situation "start"
Contacts of the traction relay are in the closed condition
Switch off ignition, remove a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery. Replace the traction relay or a starter
The gear wheel of a drive does not leave gearing with a flywheel after engine start-up
Defective returnable spring of a fork of inclusion, the mechanism of a drive of a gear wheel wore out
Switch off ignition. A starter check at the test bench. Replace the damaged details or a starter