Ford Focus>> Electric equipment>> Storage battery>> Faulty consumers reduce capacity of the storage battery
If you noticed that completely serviceable battery began to be discharged at the idle engine and the switched-off consumers, means in an onboard network there is a leakage of a current, the faulty consumer can be the reason for that.
For search of the faulty consumer execute operations in the following sequence:
- remove a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery. A multimeter connect between the negative plug of the battery and the wire removed from the battery. If the device shows current existence, means in a network there is a faulty consumer;
- connect a "weight" wire to the negative plug of the storage battery. Open a cover of the assembly block of safety locks and take out one of safety locks. On free contacts attach a multimeter. If the current in a chain is not present, a checked chain as it should be. The small current is not at the bottom for concern. Devices, such as the board computer, hours, radio and the alarm system, constantly are alive. The size of the electric power consumed by them is much less, than in the presence of the defective consumer of the electric power;
- repeat similar measurements on the assembly block while your multimeter will not show the increased value of a current in this chain. According to the scheme of electric connections which is available in this instruction, you can define, what consumers are included in this chain;
- consistently disconnect the consumers being in a checked chain, each time measuring a current. When the multimeter will not show current passing, it is possible to consider that you found a defective unit.