Ford Focus>> Electric equipment>> Storage battery>> Engine start-up by means of car towage
Towage of cars with an automatic transmission is not allowed. If the engine is not got at once, do not try to repeat it as not burned down working mix ignites in an exhaust system and can damage catalyst cells. Trust only skilled "tower", do not forget thus that at the idle engine the brake way is more (the amplifier of brakes does not work).
Towage of the car carry out in the following order:
- include ignition, include the 2nd transfer and switch off coupling;
- the towing car should get under way smoothly from a place;
- approximately at speed of 15 km/h smoothly release coupling. Remain in constant readiness to begin braking by means of the parking brake;
- after start-up of the engine press a pedal of coupling and switch off transfer. Warm up the engine.