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The batteries removed from the car and long time not used are necessary for recharging. Remember that at low temperature the case of the discharged battery can burst, it does not threaten the charged battery. On the battery which is subject to a charging, remove a "weight" wire from the negative plug. But before you remove the plug from the battery, write down codes of the receiver and its adjusted frequencies. The system of electronic control after removal of the plug "will forget" the most part of the information. It is switched to short time in emergency operation and restored after run of 16 km. If it does not occur, go to the service center Ford and reprogram the control unit.
At a charging of the storage battery perform works in the following order:
- disconnect a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery. Attach a charger wire with marking «+» on a clip to the positive plug of the battery, and with marking «—» — to negative;
- the current at the beginning of a charging should make 10 % from capacity of the battery and during a charging automatically to go down;
- during a charging vials of hydrogen which, mixing up in rooms with oxygen are formed, forms an explosive mix. Show care in the closed rooms. If you feel a caustic smell, it means that concentration reached dangerous limits;

Fig. 300. The storage battery removed from the car charge once a month

- provide in charging process reliable ventilation of a room. It is especially important, when the high current of a charging proceeds. The explosive mix can ignite from a spark caused by accession or a detachment charging devices, or a battery wire. Pay attention to instructions on safety (fig. 300) .