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Fig. 298. Measurement of density of electrolit by the areometer

After you checked electrolit level, check its density by means of the areometer. The areometer measures electrolit density (fig. 298) . You as can measure tension by means of a multimeter (with accuracy ±0,02 In). On the basis of the measured tension it is possible to define level of a zaryazhennost of the battery.
Measurement of density of electrolit carry out in the following order:
- check should be carried out only after the battery of at least 6 h was able "rest";
- unscrew jams or uncover, depending on a battery design;
- lower the areometer in electrolit. By means of "pear" of the areometer drain in so much electrolit that the measuring float freely floated. At density of electrolit of 1,28 g/ml the battery is completely charged, at 1,2 g/ml — is half charged and 1,12 g/ml — is discharged.

Fig. 299. Measurement of tension of the storage battery

Before measurement of tension include on 30 about a passing beam of headlights if from the moment of the last charging of the battery passed less than 6 h. Switch off everything consumers on 4 — 5 mines and measure tension. If tension makes 12,66 In and more, the battery is charged, if 12,48 In — only for 75 % and at 12,3 In — for 50 % (fig. 299) .