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On cars at plant establish unattended batteries. Their service life, certainly, depends on service conditions such as: frequent start-up of the cold engine, prevailing trips on short distances with a set of stops and movement in traffic jams, installation of additional consumers of the electric power (the conditioner, heating of front and back glasses etc.). Service life of modern batteries makes from three to five years. If you subsequently we will get the served battery, from time to time check electrolit level in each element. The electrolit of the battery represents water solution of sulfuric acid. Operation at high temperatures, work with a faulty regulator of tension lead to water evaporation from electrolit. Add only the distilled water, tap water, as well as boiled, contains current-carrying salts and other mineral substances which can seriously damage to the battery.
At existence at you the served battery check of level of electrolit carry out as follows:
- electrolit level in batteries should be not lower than a mark of "min" in its case;
- for addition of electrolit unscrew covers or lift up by means of a screw-driver;
- level of electrolit of the charged battery finish to the top mark (approximately on 15 mm above plates). Add only the distilled water;
- in the silnorazryazhenny battery add waters so much that hardly covered plates as at a charging electrolit level considerably raises. After a charging add the distilled water to the top mark;
- never pour electrolit above an accumulator label, it will lead to formation of acid crystals on a surface of the battery and round it. Crystals remove by means of a brass brush and then wash out water enough. Do not forget to disconnect before it a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- wash away crystals on battery plugs warm solution of water and soda or remove by means of a special cleaner, for example, Varta firm «Neutralon».
- slightly grease battery plugs with kislotozashchitny Ft 40v1 greasing (Bosch).