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Designation is located on the battery case. For example, marking on the case 12V 40Ah 200A means: 12V — tension on battery plugs; 40Ah — nominal capacity; 200А — a test current of the category in a cold condition.
Rated voltage of the storage battery for all Focus cоставляет models of 12 Century. The actual tension depends on a battery zaryazhennost, it can be higher or below the nominal.
The nominal capacity — is a current which completely charged storage battery can give during 20 h, at temperature 27 ° With without power failure on plugs 10,5 Century are not lower.
The control current of a discharge in a cold condition reflects an indicator of the given capacity on a current of the storage battery when it is in a cold condition. A current of a discharge which the 12-volt battery can give out at temperature–18 ° With, without that tension did not fall below 9 In during 30 with and 6 In during 150 pages.
Self-discharge — chemical process the leader proceeding in the battery consumers are not attached to its discharge when to it. The charged, new automobile battery daily loses about 0,5 % of the charge. High temperature, damage or pollution of covers of the battery accelerate self-discharge process.