Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Brake bracket and pistons of brake cylinders>> Check of operability of a bracket and pistons of brake cylinders
At the defective or incorrectly established dustproof cuffs dirt and moisture get into brake cylinders. The working surface корродирует also is as a result broken work of brake system.
Rabototosposobnost of a brake bracket check as follows:
- remove and establish new brake slips as it is described earlier;
- check existence of a free wheeling of slips in directing, clear surfaces a firm toothbrush and blow the compressed air. During this work do not damage boots or do not break them from a landing place. Before installation of slips grease contact surfaces;
- the bracket should move freely. If is not present, clear, as it was described earlier, surfaces of sliding and easily grease with temperaturoustoychivy copper paste.