Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Removal and installation of brake disks>> Removal and installation of a brake disk on a forward wheel
Removal of a brake disk carry out in the following sequence:
- perform the same works, as at removal of brake slips;
- the removed bracket fix by means of a welding wire in a wheel arch;
- remove a board of a brake disk;
- mark the provision of a brake disk concerning a wheel nave;
- carefully remove a brake disk from a wheel nave by means of a rubber hammer;
- surfaces of contact of a nave and a brake disk thoroughly clear by means of a metal brush. It counteracts strong palpation;
- establish a brake disk on a nave. Pay attention to marking;
- establish a board of a brake disk;
- establish a bracket and tighten bolts the moment of 28 N · m;
- finish installation in sequence, return to removal.