Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Replacement of brake slips>> Installation of slips on a forward wheel
Installation of slips carry out in the following sequence:
- move pistons of brake cylinders by means of the special Ford 206-005 (12-014) adaptation in a bracket;

Brake liquid from the main brake cylinder is thus squeezed out. The flowed-out brake liquid is necessary for washing away water.

- slightly clean a grinding skin a brake disk;
- insert an internal slip;
- insert an external slip;
- stretch the spring holder through a lock sock;
- establish a bracket, having tightened bolts the moment of 28 N · m;
- establish a brake hose in an arm;

Fig. 291. Spring clip

- establish fixing clip (fig. 291) ;
- establish wheels;
- lower the car on wheels;
- press on a brake pedal, resistance will not be felt yet. Only after that slips nestle on a brake disk;
- check level of brake liquid in a tank. If necessary we delete superfluous quantity by means of a pipette or we add to "move";
- make a trial trip with new slips carefully. At intersections some time slightly braking, dumping speed with 100 to 50 km/h.