Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Removal of a brake hose
Removal of a brake hose carry out in the following sequence:
- unscrew nuts of fastening of a hose, thus the hose should not be overwound. The majority of hoses is protected from a perekruchivaniye by means of steel clips, do not forget about them at installation;
- installation finish in sequence, return to removal, watch, that hoses were not bent;
- remove air from a hydraulic actuator of brake system as it was described earlier;

Fig. 287. Connection of a brake hose: 1 — a spring clip; 2 — the brake pipeline; 3 — an arm; 4 — a brake hose; 5 — a key

- surely check, that the hose at movement of a suspension bracket did not stretch, check it after a long trip (fig. 287 and 288) .

Fig. 288. Forward brake hose