Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Main brake cylinder>> Removal
Before removal be convinced that in the vacuum amplifier of brakes there is no vacuum. For this purpose or remove a hose from the amplifier, or press a brake pedal several times at the idle engine.
Removal carry out in the following sequence:
- disconnect a "weight" wire from the negative plug of the storage battery;
- remove, as it was described earlier, the air filter assembled;
- remove the contact socket from a cover of a tank and unscrew it;
- merge brake liquid from a tank;
- establish a hose on the valve of one of brake mechanisms, unscrew the valve and press a brake pedal to a full exit of brake liquid from a feeding tank;
- wrap the valve;
- remove brake pipelines from the main brake cylinder;
- remove the main brake cylinder from the vacuum amplifier, having unscrewed two nuts.