Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Replacement of a feeding tank from the main brake cylinder
Replacement carry out in the following sequence:
- remove the contact socket from the sensor of level of brake liquid;
- unscrew a cover, do not damage electric contacts;
- pump out from a tank liquid by means of a syringe;

Fig. 285. Main brake cylinder: 1 — a working cavity of the 1st contour; 2 — a working cavity 2 contours; 3 and 4 — cuffs

- an empty tank carefully lift hands from the main cylinder (fig. 285) ;
- establish a new tank only with new laying. Before putting new laying on the main brake cylinder, grease their surface with fresh brake liquid;
- insert a tank into sealing plugs. The tank should be fixed;
- fill a tank with brake liquid;
- wrap a cover;
- remove air from a hydraulic actuator of brake system.