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At air removal from brake system apply always only new brake DOT-4 ESD-M6C57A liquid and the pure transparent polymeric hose established on the valve for removal of air. At operation on air removal you will need the assistant. Removal of air carry out on an equal platform. During all process constantly support level of brake liquid in a feeding tank on a mark "move". The float of the index should not fall below «min» at all. Pay attention to that brake liquid did not get on a paint and varnish covering. If it occurred, immediately wash out pure water the damaged surfaces, differently a varnish can grow dull.
Removal of air carry out in the following sequence:
- remove the contact socket on a cover of a feeding tank and unscrew a cover;
- remove antisplash caps from the valve and clear it;

Fig. 284. Air removal from a hydraulic actuator of brake system

- put on a hose the valve and the free end of a hose lower in capacity with a small amount of brake liquid (fig. 284) ;
- press a brake pedal, having asked about it the assistant, and unscrew the valve approximately on 2 turns so that brake liquid started to leave, and close it when the pedal will concern a floor after that a pedal quickly release;
- make a pause, about 3 with, and repeat process until air vials will cease to leave a hose and there will be a pure brake liquid;
- wrap the valve, remove a hose and add brake liquid in a feeding tank to a maximum level;
- similarly remove air from brake mechanisms of other wheels;
- fill feeding tank, wrap a cover and attach the contact socket;
- check operability of brake system during a trial trip.