Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Check of operability of brakes>> Check of wear of brake disks
Check carry out in the following sequence:

Fig. 283. Measurement of palpation of a brake disk

- lift the car and reliably fix on supports and remove a wheel. Diameter of brake disks of forward wheels makes 258 mm, thickness of 22 mm. Face palpation of a brake disk should be no more than 0,05 mm. Diameter of brake disks of back wheels makes 252,7 mm, thickness of 10 mm. Face palpation no more than 0,5 mm (fig. 283) ;
- slightly grown dull, with a blue shade disks are considered as the normal;
- pay attention to deep risks on brake disks. They are formed because of the dirt which has got on slips. Traces to 3 mm of depth are admissible. Remove slips and remove foreign particulates from a material of slips;
- thickness of brake disks measure by means of a calliper better. Disks with risks can be ground. In need of replacement or disk grinding on one wheel it is necessary for making and for another.