Ford Focus>> Brake system>> Check of the vacuum amplifier of brakes
For check stop the engine after that press a brake pedal several times and detain her in the bottom situation. Start up the engine, the pedal should pass on some millimeters further. If it did not occur, the reasons can be the following:
- the damaged hose on a way from a collector to the vacuum amplifier of brakes or a leakage in connections;
- check a hose together with the return valve, for this purpose remove a hose from the amplifier of brakes, start up the engine and let's to it work idling. If you do not hear rhythmical noise at absorption, close the free end of a hose a finger. If after that in a hose the vacuum is not formed, it means is damaged and it is necessary to replace it;
- rubber laying between the main brake cylinder and the amplifier of brakes is damaged;
- the air filter on a rod of the amplifier is faulty. Remove the filter by means of a wire with a hook on the end. The new filter screw to an average part and press into a seat round a rod. Pay attention to that the filter round a rod was closed, otherwise not filtered air can get in the amplifier of brakes;

Fig. 282. The main brake cylinder with the vacuum amplifier: 1 — a feeding tank; 2 — the vacuum amplifier; 3 — a rod; 4 — the main brake cylinder

- the diaphragm of the amplifier is damaged. In this case it is necessary to replace assembled the amplifier with new (fig. 282) .