Ford Focus>> Steering>> Replacement of antisplash covers of the steering mechanism
Replacement carry out in the following sequence:
- remove a tip as it is described earlier. Count at removal quantity of turns or length of a carving;
- remove collars from antisplash covers;
- before installation clear cross-section draft and slightly grease both ends;
- remove carefully antisplash cover from cross-section draft;

Fig. 270. Installation of an antisplash cover: 1 — the pipeline; 2 — collars; 3 — an antisplash cover

- establish a new antisplash cover, watch, that it гофры were not overwound, and landing corbels were established in flutes of the case and cross-section draft (fig. 270) ;
- tighten an antisplash cover new collars;
- establish a tip of steering draft;
- check size of a convergence of forward wheels and the provision of a steering wheel, in case of need make adjustment in a workshop.