Ford Focus>> Back suspension bracket>> Cross-section beam>> Removal of a cross-section beam
Removal carry out in the following sequence:
- raise a back part of the car and reliably establish on support;
- remove the stabilizer of cross-section stability;
- fix stupichny knot and disconnect the bottom cross-section lever;
- remove the top lever;

Fig. 251. Removal of the plug of the stabilizer

- lower an exhaust pipe assembled so that the distance to a cross-section beam was sufficient. Remove the plug of the stabilizer of cross-section stability (fig. 251) ;
- prop up a cross-section beam by means of a suitable mobile jack;

Fig. 252. Bolts of fastening of a cross-section beam

- unscrew bolts of fastening of a cross-section beam: on three bolts of c of each party (fig. 252) ;
- lower a cross-section beam and put near the car.