Ford Focus>> Back suspension bracket

       Independent, multilever, spring  

Corners of installation of wheels
Nominal rate
Maximum permissible values
Longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel (without loading):
  versatile person

- 0 ° 58'
- 0 ° 55'

from 0 ° 23' to-2 ° 18'
from 0 ° 22' to-2 ° 11'
Convergence (without loading), mm:
  versatile person                                     
from 5,0 to 0,8
from 5,0 to 0,8

Springs only with color marking are applied to the corresponding axis

On the car the independent back suspension bracket of the SLA type is established.
The suspension bracket of SLA works with self-taxiing-up effect that does Focus to one of the most convenient cars for active driving. All elements of a back suspension bracket are mounted on separate by a cross-section beam which fastens to the body bottom on six bolts. Suspension brackets of cars with a body a sedan and the versatile person differ among themselves in details. The description of a suspension bracket of the car with a body a sedan below will be provided, differences of a suspension bracket of the car with a body the versatile person will be thus specified.

Fig. 250. Back suspension bracket: 1 — the top cross-section lever 2 — the bottom cross-section lever; 3 — the shock-absorber; 4 — a spring; 5 — the longitudinal lever; 6 — a cross-section beam

The cross-section beam has a welded design and consists of separate steel profiles. To a cross-section beam the top and bottom cross-section levers, the longitudinal lever, the shock-absorber, a spring, the stabilizer of cross-section stability, and also a detail of brake system (fig. 250) fasten .
On the car with a body the versatile person the shock-absorber is established at an angle outside of a twisted spring. The top end of the shock-absorber fastens in a wheel arch on a body ledge.