Ford Focus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Dismantling and assembly of an amortizatorny rack>> Dismantling
Dismantling carry out in the following sequence:

Fig. 248. Rack fastening in a vice

- clamp a rack with the adaptation in a vice (fig. 248) ;
- compress a spring in the dismantled rack by means of the adaptation for compression;

Fig. 249. Dismantling of an amortizatorny rack: 1 — a nut of a rod of the piston of fastening; 2 — the top basic bearing, 3 — the top laying of a spring; 4 — a shock-absorber rod; 5 — the course limiter; 6 — a protective cover

- unscrew a nut 1 (fig. 249) of a rod of the piston, thus a rod of the piston hold from a pro-collar by means of a six-sided face key;
- remove the basic bearing 2 and laying of 3 springs;
- pull out the shock-absorber 4 of the adaptation with a spring;
- remove the limiter of a course 5 and a protective cover 6;
- in need of replacement of a spring unload captures of the adaptation and remove a spring.