Ford Focus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Amortizatorny rack>> Removal
Removal carry out in the following sequence:
- reliably fix the car on an equal surface and remove a forward wheel;
- release the holder of a brake hose and connecting bar on the stabilizer;

Fig. 246. Removal of a brake bracket of a forward brake: 1 — protective caps; 2 — bolts

- unscrew bolts 2 (fig. 246) of fastening of a brake bracket, previously having removed protective caps 1;
- take a bracket aside and fix a wire on a wheel arch (the brake hose should not be bent);
- unscrew a nut of fastening of a tip of steering draft;
- remove a tip of steering draft by means of a stripper. At this operation protect a rubber cover from damage by a soft fabric;
- consolidation of a spherical support of the bottom cross-section bar close a soft fabric for protection against damages;
- remove the bottom spherical support as it is described above;
- unscrew bolts of fastening of a rotary fist;
- remove a rotary fist by means of an opravka;
- take a drive of wheels aside and fix in a wheel arch.
- prop up a rack, having protected it from damages;

Fig. 247. Nuts of fastening of the top support of an amortizatorny rack

- unscrew nuts of fastening of the top support of a rack to a body (fig. 247) then lower a rack down and pull out through a wheel niche.