Ford Focus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Replacement of a rotary fist>> Installation
Installation carry out in the following sequence:
- establish a rotary fist on an amortizatorny rack;
- press the shlitsevy end of a drive of wheels in a nave of wheels, connect a rotary fist to a semi-axis. As soon as there will be the first free carving, screw new axial nuts;
- connect a spherical support to a rotary fist;
- finish installation in sequence, return to removal. Clear carving parts of details and bolts of brake system. Apply only new lock bolts and tighten them against the stop the moment of 50 N · m.

Fig. 241. Installation of the sensor of speed of ABS

- establish the wheel ABS sensor and tighten a bolt the moment of 9 N · m. The size of a gap should make ±0,7 mm (fig. 241) ;
- remove the car from support and establish on wheels. Finally tighten a nave nut with the moment of 316 N · m, and also nuts of fastening of a wheel. Thus the assistant should press a brake pedal.