Ford Focus>> Forward suspension bracket>> Details and knots of a forward suspension bracket
Forward suspension bracket independent, Maspherson type. Consists of an amortizatorny rack, a rotary fist and levers.
The Amortizatorny rack consists of a twisted spring and the telescopic shock-absorber which is in spring rounds. The rack has limiters of a course of compression and a course of a release which interfere with shock-absorber destruction.
The top end of an amortizatorny rack fastens to a wheel wing through rubber laying and the basic bearing.
The rotary fist is connected from the bottom end of a rack two coupling bolts. The rotary fist is tied through a spherical support with the cross-section lever of an independent suspension bracket made of cast iron with spherical graphite. The cross-section lever is established movably on a bearing beam.
The stabilizer of cross-section stability is fixed on the case of the car and connected with the cross-section lever. It reduces a car list at turn.

Fig. 237. Forward suspension bracket: 1–amortizatorny rack; 2–reechny steering mechanism; 3–brake disk; 4–stabilizer of cross-section stability; 5–cross-section L-forms lever

The steering has the reechny mechanism which is established behind the engine (fig. 237) .