Ford Focus>> Forward suspension bracket

Corners of installation of wheels
Nominal rate
Maximum permissible values
Longitudinal inclination of an axis of turn of a wheel (without loading):
   c едан              
  versatile person

2 ° 59'
2 ° 52'

from 4 ° 05' to 1 ° 53'
from 3 ° 53' to 1 ° 50'
Corner of disorder of a wheel (without loading):               
   versatile person
- 0 ° 32'
- 0 ° 37'
from 0 ° 46' to-1 ° 51'
from 0 ° 40' to-1 ° 53'
Convergence (without loading), mm:
  versatile person                                     
from 1,5 to-1,5
from 1,5 to-1,5

Springs only with color marking are applied to the corresponding axis
For comfort of movement in the Focus car, as well as in any other the suspension bracket answers. The suspension bracket of the car serves for mitigation of blows and the pushes perceived by wheels from roughnesses of the road, clearing of fluctuations of a body and decrease in dynamic loadings.
Basic elements of a suspension bracket are the elastic element extinguishing an element and directing device, providing vertical moving of the wheel and its continuous contact to darling and also transfer of pushing and brake efforts from wheels to a body. As an elastic element in the Focus car the springs absorbing blows and smoothing roughnesses are applied are expensive. For clearing of fluctuations of a body on the car shock-absorbers on which characteristics smoothness of a course substantially depends are established. Behavior of the car on the road and its safety in many respects are defined by kinematic data of a wheel in relation to a steering and transfer of forces between the tire and a paving. For preservation by the car of rectilinear movement and return to it after turn, and also forward wheels establish decrease in wear of tires under certain corners.