Ford Focus>> Drive of forward wheels>> Replacement of antisplash covers of a drive of forward wheels>> Installation of an antisplash cover of the internal hinge
Installation carry out in the following sequence:
- put on a protective cover a shaft of a drive of wheels, establish a collar in a ring flute of a cover and tighten;
- a hinge holder by means of the suitable special adaptation establish against the stop on a drive shaft (watch to damaging rollers);
- fix the hinge a new lock ring. In the hinge fill greasing (quantity see 10.2.6 .);

Fig. 234. Hinge installation: 1 — a screw-driver; 2 — the hinge

- insert a small screw-driver under a protective cover, having established it on the case, and shift a hinge holder inside against the stop, and then will put forward on 20 mm (see fig. 234 );
- take out a screw-driver, establish a collar in a flute of a cover and tighten.